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More testosterone for your body, Naturally?

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More testosterone for your body, Naturally?

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Testosterone is a hormone produced by the testicles and is known to be the man-hormone. Many people don’t know that testosterone is responsible for the increased muscle muscle mass, bone density, metabolism, voice tone, hair growth in men, while also being responsible for maintaining the libido of a man.

Also testosterone begins to decline at the age of 30 and continues to decline as the man ages.

In order to have increased levels of testosterone there are two paths a man can take. You can either take supplements(which i don’t recommend) or you can enhance your lifestyle to be more testosterone friendly

So how can it be done naturally?



1.  Melt the fat

Image courtesy of luigi diamanti /

Image courtesy of luigi diamanti /

The fat tissue in our body contains an enzyme called aromatase that transforms the precious testosterone into estrogen(the female

hormone). So the more fat you have, the more this enzyme will eat up on your manhood.

There are many ways to burn fat, such training, going to the gym, running and basically all forms of exercise, but the most important thing is diet. Try a balanced diet with less processed foods and more natural unprocessed foods(Ask your physician, nutritionist or trainer).

Also be warned that you must not starve your self, since starving diets that cut down many many calories can actually lead to lower testosterone levels(the last thing you want).

2.  Get plenty of Zinc

Zinc is probably one of the most important steps to really increase testosterone. Many people who are deficient of this mineral suffer from lower testosterone levels and therefore decreased libido.

Zinc is an ally to testosterone by protecting it from being converted to estrogen, while aiding the transformation of estrogen to testosterone. On the other side it supports growth of healthier and increased sperm.

Supplementing the diet with zinc for 6 weeks can really improve the testosterone levels of a man, especially for men with low levels.

Someone can really naturally increase his zinc intake by just adding to his diet zinc rich foods. Foods like raw cheese, poultry, beans, kefir milk, liver, nuts are really high in zinc. Also, it’s no surprise that aphrodisiac foods like oysters are quite good sources of zinc.


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3.  More healthy fats

Testosterone is created with cholesterol as raw material, so fat is actually essential for healthy levels of testosterone. Diets poor in fat can actually result in lower levels of testosterone and since there are healthy and unhealthy fats and the logical thing is to invest in healthy fats. Mono-saturated and omega 3 fats are such healthy fats that can promote high levels of testosterone. Natural sources of these fats are avocados, seeds, nuts, peanut butter, tuna, salmon, olives and olive oil, coconut, grass fed meats, palm oils etc.


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4. No more stress

When we are stressed, a hormone is secreted that inhibits the effects of testosterone, this hormone is Cortisol. Cortisol is responsible for the fight or flight mechanism of the body, thus it suppressed the aggression and mating modes of testosterone.

Now days we no longer face the dangers of predators, but the everyday demands mimic this dangers and therefore many people experience chronic stress. This chronic stress means constant increase of cortisol for a long time resulting in much lower testosterone.

One of the most effective ways i have found to cut on my stress levels is the amazing art of Meditation. Meditation can be used to relax your mind and body, while keeping a state of relative alertness.



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5.  Cut off on Sugar

Sugar is the worst enemy of a man and also its a trojan horse. First of all, our brain is fond of sugar since sugar affects dopamine and opioid levels in brain. On the other hand it decreases testosterone possibly due to the increased insulin levels that can render the levels of testosterone. Keep in mind to limit foods and drinks containing added sugars to the minimum. Foods containing grain(rise, bread, pasta etc) and fructose(a type of sugar found usually in fruits) should be also limited.







6.  Increase B-Complex Vitamins: 

By increasing intake of Folic acid(B9), B5, B6 and B12 someone can really boost his testosterone. These vitamins, are really important in metabolizing protein and fat that are needed to produce this hormone.


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7.   Strength training

Exercises that give you more strength, such weight lifting, have been proven to help increase the production of this hormone.

Practice lifting heavier weights and doing slower repetitions. Also stick to exercises that involve many muscles such deadlifts, squats, dips, chin ups and kettlebell snatches.

Also it is essential to keep your self away from over-training, which can release cortisol and seriously cut down on your testosterone.

So you must also get enough relaxation and rest after training to give your body time to repair the damages in the tissues.




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8.   Vitamin D Optimization

Vitamin D deficiency is a rising problem especially for people not spending time in the sun or living in Countries with less or no sunshine.

Among other health benefits, Vitamin D is needed for healthy semen quality and sperm count, while it also increases testosterone levels.

Someone cannot rely on diet to meet the Vitamin D needs, since the best source is the sun exposure. You can increase your levels of Vitamin D by exposing skin to the sun, but keep it low(15-30mins per week) to avoid other side effects.

In case of no available sunshine, a safe tanning bed(With electronic ballasts and not with magnetic ballasts) could charge your Vitamin D says Dr. Mercola.

Also D3 supplements are available as a last resort.


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9.   Get enough sleep

The lack of sleep in these modern years is a growing epidemic, as more and more people sleep less than they should. At least 15% of the adult working population in the USA gets less than 5 hours of sleep every night, and therefore suffering deficiency symptoms.

Low sleep duration and poor sleep quality can really lower your testosterone levels.

In a research at the University of Chicago Clinical Research Center, the subjects showed 10-15% decrease of their testosterone after sleeping for 5 hours every night for a week.

Relaxation and sleep can really enhance your manhood and your life overall, so be sure to charge your batteries.



10.  Avoid xeno-estrogens

Xeno-estrogens are substances chemically similar to the female hormone estrogen. When you consume foods and beverages containing such substances, you give your body female signals to work.

Known sources of xenoestrogens:

  • Paraben(in perfumes, colognes and other cosmetic products)
  • Plastic containers may release xeno estrogens
  • Non organic fruits and vegetables
  • Unnaturally raised meats(When animals are given artificial hormones and steroids)

More information on xenoestrogens can be found by clicking here.


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11.  Get rid of excess estrogen

Even men have some quantities of estrogen in their body, but Broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, radishes and turnips are some cruciferous foods, that contain a chemical diindolylmethane (or DIM) that can help the body get rid of the excess estrogen. Also an other way to rid ourselves from estrogen is increase our fiber intake to cleanse our body.




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12.  Increase Sexual stimulation

Increase the times you get sexually stimulated. It has been shown that when an erection occurs, the circulating testosterone increases significantly. It’s no coincidence that circulating testosterone is at it’s highest levels in the morning, since erections naturally occur when we sleep.



13.   Avoid alcohol

Extra estrogen in the body is processed and broken down by the liver. Alcohol is processed by the liver and therefore puts extra pressure on it, making it more difficult to precess and break down the extra estrogen. In addition alcohol reduces the levels of zinc in the body, which can lead to further decrease in testosterone.

Fuel your manhood guys!!